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Atonement is a Star Trek: Voyager novel by Kirsten Beyer, that was released in August 2015.


Admiral Kathryn Janeway faces a tribunal determined to execute her for supposed crimes committed during Voyager’s maiden trek through the Delta Quadrant. Captain Chakotay knows that the Kinara, several species now allied against the Full Circle fleet, are not all they appear to be. The Confederacy of the Worlds of the First Quadrant—a pact he cannot trust—is his only hope for unraveling the Kinara's true agenda and rescuing Admiral Janeway. Meanwhile, Seven and Tom Paris are forced to betray the trust of their superiors in a desperate bid to reveal the lengths to which a fellow officer has gone in the name of protecting the Federation from the legendary Caeliar.


Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway in custody.

Admiral Kathryn Janeway stands trial before the Kinara, but arranges for the Project Full Circle fleet to make sure the broadcast to the rest of the ships is maintained. As a result, everyone sees Janeway not only expose the new members of the Kinara as Seriareen, but witness Emem, the entity now inhabiting the body of Devore inspector Kashyk, murder Rigger Meeml. The older Kinara ships turn on their new allies and the Confederacy of the Worlds of the First Quadrant are able to rescue Janeway and take the Seriareen into Starfleet custody.

The refit USS Voyager.

Lieutenant Reginald Barclay discovers that the Doctor's failure was not due to Doctor Lewis Zimmerman's reprogramming, but a series of mysterious power surges. He is able to restore the Doctor's program, but not his memories, instead giving him control over which memories are segregated. The Doctor is ordered to undergo counselling with Counselor Hugh Cambridge.

Seven of Nine meets Commander Jefferson Briggs for the first time and agrees to assist him with his research in exchange for the former drones and children who accompanied Riley Frazier being released. Tom Paris arranges for them to be given a safe haven at the Tamarian Embassy and asks his mother Julia Paris to look after them. Lieutenant Samantha Wildman and Doctor Sharak discover more Planarian clones created by Briggs, but the evidence is destroyed.

Janeway speaks with Lsia, who claims the Seriareen's main aim is to locate their former homeworld, which is now in Confederacy space. Its location is pinned down to an area of instabilities. USS Voyager is able to navigate them by bouncing off the instabilities, but when a Confederacy ship attempts to repeat the trick, it is badly damaged. Instead, General Mattings takes the journey aboard Voyager. Meanwhile, the USS Vesta contacts the Voth, Vaadwaur and Turei and reveals their manipulation by the Seriareen, causing them to leave the Kinara.

Paris attempts to report the situation to Admiral Kenneth Montgomery, but he refuses to listen, instead ordering Seven returned to Starfleet Medical as per Briggs' and Doctor Pauline Frist's instructions. Julia is able to get Tom to see President Nanietta Bacco and Admiral Leonard James Akaar and they overhear a conversation between Seven and Briggs. Briggs admits that he accidentally caused the catom plague when he killed a Borg drone that was in the process of being transformed by the Caeliar. Believing the Caeliar would one day return and attack them, he has caused further outbreaks of the plague in order to continue his research into a weapon against them. Briggs is arrested and the project closed down. The former drones manage to telepathically neutralise the catoms causing the plague, but resist Axum's attempts to form them into a new gestalt.

It is discovered the power surges aboard Voyager were the result of an unaccounted for Seriareen, Xolani, attempting to control the ship. He has now possessed Voyager's Chief Engineer Nancy Conlon and Lsia is able to trigger further modifications in order to gain control of the ship. The Doctor "kills" Conlon in order to force Xolian out of her and into his own holographic matrix, where he is able to place him in the segregated memories and delete him, along with his memories of Seven. Lsia takes Voyager to the heart of the region: The being that the Confederacy call the Source but the Seriareen call the Obihhax, the result of one of their number, Obih, fusing with a hax, the creatures that created the gateways and the protectors. Janeway is able to transfer Lsia to the holodeck and imprison her consciousness again. Two other Seriareen kill each other's hosts to release their consciousnesses, and Mattings kills Kashyk against Captain Chakotay's orders to release Emem. They attempt to join with the Obihhax, but he rejects their dreams of conquest and lets Voyager go.

The Full Circle Fleet departs from the Confederacy on good terms: Commanders Liam O'Donnell and Clarissa Glenn have shown them how to improve their agriculture and medical care, and they are resolved to make peace with both the Kinara and the Unmarked. Montgomery is forced to resign, with Akaar taking over the Full Circle project, and Lieutenant Wildman and Cadet Icheb are both promoted, with Ensign Icheb returning to Voyager with Paris, Seven and Sharak.



USS Voyager personnel

Gaines AubreyBashBensHugh CambridgeChakotayNancy ConlonDuChampsAytar GwynHarry KimKenth LasrenLazioNeolMiral ParisTom ParisDevi PatelQuinnRiordanSeven of NineSharakB'Elanna TorresVanessa Waters
Referenced only

USS Vesta personnel

Phinnegan BryceChengDecanRegina FarkasKrim HochKathryn JanewayKerscheznskyJepel OmarJulian PsilakisMalcolm RoachEl'nor SalSienna Kar

USS Demeter personnel

Atlee FifeLiam O'DonnellUrl Lask
Referenced only

USS Galen personnel

Reginald BarclayThe DoctorClarissa GlennRanson Velth
Referenced only
BampsCress Benoit

Confederacy citizens

Racha BraltIsorla CinLant Dreeg
Referenced only

CIF personnel

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AdaezeEmemLsiaObihObihhax/The SourceTirritXolani
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Catomic patients

AxumRiley FrazierJilliantNocksShon

Other Starfleet personnel

Leonard James AkaarRob BlaykJefferson BriggsPauline FristIchebMarshiannaKenneth MontgomerySlueNaomi WildmanSamantha Wildman
Referenced only
Afsarah EdenErika HernandezEdward JanewayJames T. KirkOwen ParisGarvin ShawDeanna TroiLewis Zimmerman


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Other characters

Nanietta BaccoElim GarakGreskrendtregkHerensGretchen JanewayPhoebe JanewayJarralMeegan McDonnellNeelixJulia ParisKathleen ParisMoira ParisEsperanza PiñieroRathamT'SaenJohn Torres
Referenced only
Willem BatisteBelleBorg QueenCaptain ProtonElayneGreer EverettForra GegenConstance GoodheartIrene HansenMark JohnsonGell KamemorKesAlana O'DonnellOdalaOzimatDenara PelSedínShakaSpartacusEnabran TainTamaTova VeerYellna

Starships and vehicles

USS Coleman (Danube-class runabout) • USS Demeter (Theophrastus-class) • DenizenCIF Fifth ShudkaCIF Fourth JrooneUSS Galen (Galen-class) • GoldenbirdHome FreeLightcarrierManticle (Devore cruiser) • USS McFarlandScionshuttlecraftSolitas (Seriareen vessel) • CIF Third CalvertUSS Vesta (Vesta-class) • Vival (Voth City Ship) • USS Voyager (Intrepid-class)
Referenced only
boatBorg cubeBorg scoutUSS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • escape podFrenibargUSS Titan (Luna-class) • CIF Twelfth LamontVan Cise (shuttlecraft) • Voth scout vessel


Alpha QuadrantAlpha Tauri (Aldebaran III (Bemdeer Transport StationBenevolent Daughters HospitalNew KerinnaOld Aberdeen District)) • Ark PlanetDelta QuadrantEarth (Earth Orbital ControlFederation ParkFull Circle Fleet memorialIndianaMontecitoNorth AmericaPalais de la ConcordeParisSan FranciscoStarfleet HeadquartersTamarian Embassy on Earth) • First WorldGateway to the First WorldLunaMilky WayNew TalaxSolTyree NebulaUnderspaceThe Wastes
Referenced only
ArdanaArehazBeta QuadrantBrunali homeworldCardassiaCoridan III • Earth (Bistro MarmontCardassian Embassy on EarthMarseillesNew Zealand) • FemraFluidic spaceGamma QuadrantGrysyenKtariaLecahnMcKinley StationSeriarStarbase 185Tamartranswarp hubUnimatrix ZeroVitrumYshandi

Races and cultures

BajoranBetazoidBolianBrunaliCapellanCardassianDevoreDjinariEmleathHumanKarlonKlingonKriosianKtarianLeodtMukMysstrenPlanarianSeriareenSkeenTalaxianTamarianTrillTureiunnamed races and culturesVaadwaurVothVulcanWaveform (ProctorProtectorSentry)
Referenced only
BorgBrenariCaeliarChildren of the StormFerengiHirogenKyppranNeyser/Nayseriareen • OcampaRomulanSpecies 8472TarkonTellariteTrill symbiontVidiian

States and organizations

Confederacy Interstellar FleetConfederacy Interstellar FleetConfederacy of the Worlds of the First QuadrantDevore ImperiumThe EightFederation CouncilFederation Institute of HealthFederation News ServiceKinaraMarket ConsortiumProject Full CircleStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet MedicalStarfleet SecurityStarfleet Transporter ControlUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Aberdeen UniversityBorg CollectiveBorg CooperativeCaeliar gestaltFederation Family CourtFederation Language InstituteFederation Refugee DivisionFerengi AllianceGrysyen Science AcademyIndignMaquisOmega ContinuumqawHaq'hochRomulan Star EmpireTyphon PactUnited Earth StarfleetThe UnmarkedWarriors of Gre'thor

Science and technology

acetylcholineadrenalineagricultureairlockanimalannelidanthropologyantiproton burstanti-psionic fieldanti-psionic force field generatorassimilation tubuleastrometrics chartatomic bondatomautomatic navigational controlautopsyauxiliary control panelbaby starbacteriabiobedbio-containerbiohazard suitbiologybiometric chamberbioneural gel packbioneural interface regulatorbloodbombboneBorg droneBorg implantbrainbuffercalculuscannoncardiovascular systemcarrier wavecascade failurecatomcatomic mattercatomic plaguecellcentral processorchronometercloaking deviceclockcoldcomacombadgecomm linkcomm panelcomm systemcommunications arraycommunications relaycomputercontainment canistercontainment fieldcontrol panelcontrol virusdampening fielddata coredata paneldata tabletdatabasedeck platedeflectordeflector arraydeflector dishdeflector shielddiagnostic scannerdimensiondisruptorDNAdopaminedrugecologyeggelectromagnetic chargeelectromagnetic pulseembryoEmergency Medical Hologramendorphinenergyenergy fieldepidemiologyethical subroutineeugenicsevolutionexplosivefluforcefieldforensicsfrequencyfungusfusegenetic engineeringgenetic markergeneticsgenomehairhard lineharmonic resonanceharmonic resonance frequencyheartherbivoreholo-emitterholodeckhologramholographic generatorholographic mainframeholomatrixhourhumanoidhyposprayhyronalinimpulse engineinchinertial dampenerinterface portIrumodic Syndromeisolinear chipjammingJendarian flukilometerlectrazinelifeformlight-yearlocklong-range sensorlungmagnetic constrictormainframemattermaturation chambermedical tricordermedicinememory buffermemory filemetermicroscopemillimeterminutemiscarriagemobile emitterModification 247-RF-N651-Amusclemutationnanoprobenavigational deflectornetinalineneural monitorneurosisNeyser canisternutrientorbitorganpaddparsecparticlephagephaserphaser riflephotonic energyphotonic matrixphoton torpedophysical therapyplantPost-traumatic stresspoundpower surgepregnancyprimary processorprocessorpropulsion arraypsionicpsychologypulsequantum slipstream drivequarantined bufferradiationrecording devicerefrigeratorregeneration cycleregulatorreplicatorRurokimbran virussaurianscalesecondsedativeseedsegregated buffersensorsensory processorshield generatorshock waveSIMs beaconsimulationsingularityskeletonskullspeakerspinestarstasis canisterstasis chamberstomachsubroutinesubspacesubspace corridorsubspace instabilitysubspace rupturesurgerysurgical archtachyontelepathytelevisiontentacleterraformingtimetime bombtransparent aluminumtransportertransporter buffertranswarp corridortrapezius nerve bundletricorderturbolifttype-2 phaseruniverseuniversal translatorviewscreenvirusVoth transport devicewarp drivewarp factorwarp/slipstream coreweather-control stationwormhole

Ranks and titles

academic advisoradjunct inspectoradministratoradmiralagentaideambassadorarbiterartistassistantattorneybotanical geneticistbrig officerbureaucratcadetcaptainCardassian Ambassador to the United Federation of Planetschefchief engineerchief medical officerChief of staffChief of Starfleet MedicalclericcommandantcommanderCommander-in-Chief of the Federation Starfleetcommanding officercommunications officerConfederacy Overseer of Agriculturecounselorcrewmandignitarydiplomatdoctorduty officerECengineerensignenvoyfarmerFirst Consulfirst ministerfirst officerfleet admiralfleet commanderfleet chief engineerflight control officergeneralHead of the Federation Institute of Healthhelmsmanhistorianhospital administratorinspectorinstructorJCjournalistJPKilgarian fruit pastiche construction artistKuvah'maghLGlieutenantlieutenant commandermagnatemediatormedicmedical officermedical technicianmessengerministermunitions expertnavigatornurseofficeroperations officeroverseerpainterphilosopherphysicianpilotPraetor of the Romulan Star EmpirepresidentPresident of the United Federation of PlanetsPresider of the Confederacy of the Worlds of the First Quadrantpublic health directorranking generalrebelrefugeereporterriggerscholarscientistsecond-in-commandsecurity chiefsecurity officersenior officerStarfleet Surgeon Generalsuperior officertactical officertacticiantailorTamarian Ambassador to the United Federation of PlanetstaskmasterteacherterroristthieftouristtranslatorundersecretaryVaadwaur Section Leadervice admiralVulcan Ambassador to the United Federation of Planets

Other references

23rd centuryaccess keyacreThe Adventures of Captain ProtonAldebaran Alealloyalpha shiftancient words of powerantiqueapocalypseAprilarms lockerartassimilationasteroidastrometricsasylumAt Onementatwaonauthentication codeballadballroombarbasementbasketbathroombat'lethBattle of Aldebaran IIIbedroombellbeltbenchberrybirthdayblanketbookbootBorg Invasion of 2381borst alebraceletbrassbreadbrickbridgebriefing roombrigbuffetbulkheadcafécakecalendarcampuscanvascapital citycarafecargo baycatwalkcavecease-firecenturyceremonial daggerchandeliercheesechimecityclarinetclinicclothingclothcockpitcoffeecolonycommand chaircorridor transversioncourt martialcreamcrystaldaggerdanceThe Dark Timesdaydemocracydemondengdessertdiagnostic beddiamonddiaperdispenserDistant Origin Heresydistress callDoctor's Family Program Beta-Rhodonationdoor chimedress uniformduty rostereconomyelectionemotionempathyengineeringepitaphEugenics WarsexecutionextinctionFederation Standardfijfireplacefiring squadfirst contactFirst Contact DayflagflatbreadflourflowerflutefoodfountainfranribkeshFrench languageFridayfruitgamma shiftgardengenocideghostgilt deskglassgnetzgodgoldminegoosegovernmentgowngrantgrasshailharphaxhelmherdhiltHippocratic Oathhistoryholding cellholidayhorsehospitalhotelhot fudge sundaehullhull breachiceice creamimmortalityinfirmaryinsigniainternshipjacketJefferies tubejuicekingdomkisskitchen sinkklaxonknockerlaboratorylab ratlabyrinthlanguageleatherlemmlibrarylinenlotus positionlutemagnifying glassmalmutmanaclesmapMarchmarketmarriagematerial ownership decreemattressMaymeditationmemorial servicemesquite treemess hallmetalmetronomemilitarymillenniamonstermonthmonumentmossmuffinmuseummusicmythneedlenonszitnovelnutoceanOfficer Exchange Programorchardouroborospaintbrushpaintingpaperparrises squarespastepenal colonypenitentiarypersonal command overridepersonal logphilosophyphotopicnicpillowpoetrypoolporchpotprayerpretzelpublic health alertpublic notice terminalpumpkinpuzzlequarantinequartersrabbitranchravenready roomrebellionreceiving roomred alertreefrefresherreligionrestaurantrestraintsrésuméroberockroserouge hiderugsailsandsandwichschoolscience stationsconceself destructserpentshawlshuttlebaysickbaysidearmsleeping matsnakesofasoilspiced ciderspiced honeyspiritspringstardateStarfleet OathStarfleet uniformstorage podstudent IDsuedesugarsuicidesummersundaeswordsynthetic aletactical logtactical stationtadpoleTamarian languageteatennistenttextbooktooltorustourismtoytransporter logtransporter roomtreetrimestertrouserstryshanthalTuesdaytureentusk circleumberuniformUnit 117Autility shelfvasevegetablevegetable pievelocityvoteVulcan nerve pinchwaterweekwildflowerwillow treewoolwrenchxenophobiayearyellow alert

Tamarian language references



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