The Attrexians are a race of spacefaring miners from the planet Attrexia who remain neutral with all major empires in order to secure trade agreements, usually trading their various precious minerals for new technology. These types of trade agreements have left the Attrexian Society based on a mixmatch of technology, not all of which is understood by Attrexian engineers.

History[edit | edit source]

They are known as a boisterous people with little social refinement, and run a very industrial society. The males of the species are bulky with no visible neck, while the females are a lot slimmer with a visible neck. They have warp capability and modern (though not particularly advanced) weaponry. Most of the Attrexian technologies have been bought from other races, rather than developed by the Attrexians themselves. Attrexians don't come across as very intelligent, and their appearance could be described as slovenly, but they have become very prosperous through their dealings with other races and their mining of natural resources found throughout their worlds. Their empire spans a region of space that falls on both sides of the Romulan Neutral Zone. Their settlements are very industrial, built more for function than form, with a spartan, patched-together feel that speaks more toward getting the job done and less toward having any sense of architecture or beauty.

Cover Up[edit | edit source]

The Attrexians were somewhat involved in a crisis dealing with the Idryll people and an invention of theirs known as Exomorphs. Attrexians claimed that the Idryll were a "backward" race, given warp drive technology by Attrexians. This was disproved in part, by the efforts of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his Hazard Team of the USS Enterprise-E, revealing that the Idryll in fact had a starfaring culture thousands of years before the Federation (let alone the Attrexians), that was wiped out by use of Exomorphs. (ST video game: Elite Force II)

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