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Augenthaler was a Human Starfleet captain in the 2250s, assigned as commanding officer of the Constitution-class starship USS Constitution. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)

Augenthaler was quite a serious starship commander who displayed absolute trust in the officers who surrounded him. In 2257, Augenthaler followed the suggestion of his junior navigator, Gary Mitchell, and petitioned to have Lieutenant James T. Kirk assigned to the Constitution following the disaster aboard the USS Farragut. After Kirk had accepted the position and boarded the Constitution, Augenthaler introduced him to the senior staff in the ship's lounge as part of an informal get-together.

A short time later, Augenthaler received a "captain's eyes only" message from Starfleet Command and was told to proceed to an unnamed star system near the Klingon Neutral Zone, with no additional information forthcoming. Despite the lack of information, Augenthaler told his bridge crew to investigate their destination and determine a reason why they were proceeding there. However, following a further conversation with Admiral Ellen Mangione at Starbase 29, Augenthaler was forced to halt his crew's investigations had the mission had been classified. Eventually arriving at the planet ten days later, the Constitution was confronted by a Klingon D7-class battle cruiser. Ordering his ship to battle stations, Augenthaler was once again contacted by Mangione and ordered to stand down and depart the system immediately.

After departing, Augenthaler ordered the Constitution on a security patrol of the sector, but he was soon contacted by Admiral Blosser of Starbase 23 and was ordered to proceed to Sordinia IV and investigate the appearance of six alien satellites in orbit of the planet. On the advice of his first officer, Commander Akira Hirota, they both beamed down to the planet to help Prime Vodis Vodanis calm his people's fears. Shortly after arriving in the capital city, the satellites opened fire on the planet. Thankfully, Augenthaler survived the initial attack and ordered Lieutenant Kirk, currently commanding the Constitution, to take down the satellites and stop their assault.

Once the Constitution was finally able to destroy the satellites and their mother ship, Augenthaler was once again able to contact Kirk and received a status report as well as learning of the deaths of Lieutenants' Anita Jankowski and Darick Lynch and security officers Park and Zuleta during the battle. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)

Augenthaler remained in command of the Constitution for some time after Lieutenant Kirk had departed from the ship. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Enterprise)

The rank insignia pictured is known to have been worn on a captain's uniform in the 2260s, it should be noted that uniform configurations slightly different from these examples might have existed in the 2250s.


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