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Augments faction emblem image.

In a version of the primary universe wrecked by the temporal anomaly crisis in 2380, the Augments faction was an emergent interstellar nation in the galaxy's Beta Quadrant.

History and specifics[]

Its headquarters was one of the local faction centers open to Starfleet visitors, and was based at Regula I. The faction's leader was Wrathful Khan. The faction was home to Augments from various points in the timeline. (ST video game: Star Trek Timelines)


Locations within the Augments' sphere of influence included the Regula and Ceti Alpha systems. (ST video game: Star Trek Timelines)

Alternate timelines[]

In the Kelvin timeline, the Augments faction emerged in the Neutral Zone when Khan Noonien Singh fled from confinement and gathered his disciples from the Botany Bay in 2262. (TOS video game: Fleet Command)


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