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August is the eighth month of the Human year.

Events by Day

The Signing of the Articles of the Federation on 12 August 2161.

12 August

In 2161, the Articles of the Federation were signed by United Earth, the Confederacy of Vulcan, the Andorian Empire, United Planets of Tellar, and Alpha Centauri in San Francisco, officially establishing the existence of the United Federation of Planets. Amongst the signatories were such noted figures of the 22nd Century as Jonathan Archer of Earth and Soval of Vulcan. Thereafter, every 12 August was celebrated as Federation Day.
Many residents of the city noted that San Francisco was unusually quiet on August 12, 2161; at least one observer described it as being as though the entire city was holding its breath on that day. (ENT novel: Last Full Measure)
12 August 2161 was also the date that Archer, then a captain in the United Earth Starfleet, gave a historic speech at the signing. With this speech, he declared that it had been United Earth Starfleet's mission, and would become the Federation Starfleet's mission, to continually expand the Federation's knowledge -- to "explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no man has gone before." (ENT episode: "These Are the Voyages...")

15 August

In 2153, a team of MACOs are assigned to the Enterprise (NX-01) in preparation for its mission into the Delphic Expanse. (ENT novelization: The Expanse)

29 August

In 2341, Julian Bashir is born in England on Earth. (DS9 episode: "Distant Voices")

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