The Aurelians were a bipedal, avian race and the inhabitants of the planet Aurelia, a member world of the United Federation of Planets. They stand taller than most humans, and have bright yellow feathers and blue eyes, but other color variations may exist. Although resembling birds, the Aurelians do have humanoid arms and legs, and are perfectly capable of using devices like a tricorder. They have wings that can span three meters when they reach adult age which give them the capability of flight.

The Aurelians have a fascination for Federation history. They have collected a large historical database which has proven very useful to many historical scholars within the Federation. The Aurelians are also known stonecrafters. (TAS episode: "Yesteryear"; ST reference: The Worlds of the Federation; DTI novel: Forgotten History)

They have a lifespan of hundreds of Earth years, far exceeding that of humans. (DTI novels: Watching the Clock, Forgotten History)

An Aurelian visited the new Deep Space 9 when the station became operational in 2385. (DS9 novel: Sacraments of Fire)

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