Aurobindo Korrapati was a Federation citizen, a male Human serving as Starfleet captain in the mid-23rd century. He was a Martian of Indian descent. (DSC novel: Drastic Measures)


Aurobindo Korrapati was born on Mars between 2186 and 2196. His parents had emigrated from Chennai in India, on Earth.

Korrapati served both as first and commanding officer of the long-range patrol ship USS Gloucester, earning him combat experience with marauders and Orion pirates. His service included defending Federation colonies and civilian merchant shipping from these.

By 2246, Korrapati was in his late fifties, and commanding officer of the colony support ship USS Narbonne. When Tarsus IV was struck with a plague, his ship carried relief personnel from Starbase 11 to the failing colony. Commander Philippa Georgiou read his service record for this mission. She found Korrapati a slender man, whose white hair provided a contrast to his dark skin. (DSC novel: Drastic Measures)



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