The Doctor plans to publish a holo-novel advancing holographic rights, but after an early draft - one which portrays members of the crew in a cruel, uncaring manner - is distributed as the final product, he soon must fight for his own rights as a living being.

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Lydia AndersonReginald BarclayArdon BrohtChakotayThe DoctorIrene HansenKathryn JanewayJenkinsKatanayHarry KimJohn KimMary KimKymbleMarseillesWilliam McKenzieNeelixOwen ParisTom ParisSeven of NineThree of EightB'Elanna TorresJohn TorresTorreyTulakTuvokTwo of Three
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K'RatakToby the TargLeo Tolstoy

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USS Voyager (Intrepid-class)

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