An authorization code (also known as a voice authorization code, command code, or access code) was a type of alphanumeric sequence used by service organizations and militaries to allow access to certain computer or technology protocols and other restricted topics.

Starfleet codesEdit

  • alpha alpha one zero
Priority override to override and block a function, render the authorization method useless, and delete file information being accessed. The Romulan commander Valak attempted to use an isolinear chip with special encoded authorization that was obtained from Starfleet Command to look up information on Hermeticus II. Upon Captain Picard discovering that the isolinear chip gave Valak information on Hermeticus II, Picard shouted out "Priority override! Picard alpha alpha one zero!", ending the information readout, deleting the file, and voiding the isolinear chip. The Romulan guarding Picard clubbed him with his disruptor for his trouble though. (TNG novel: The Romulan Prize)
  • alpha seven four four
"Priority Picard Alpha Seven Four Four." was used by Picard to lock out access to the deflector controls. (TNG video game: Generations)

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