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Available Light is a 2019 Star Trek: The Next Generation novel by author Dayton Ward.


Section 31, the covert organization which has operated without accountability in the shadows for more than two centuries, has been exposed. Throughout the Federation, the rogue group's agents and leaders are being taken into custody as the sheer scope of its misdeeds comes to light. Now Starfleet Command must decide the consequences for numerous officers caught up in the scandal – including Admirals William Ross, Edward Jellico, Alynna Nechayev, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard who, along with many others, are implicated in the forced removal of a Federation president.
Meanwhile, deep in the distant, unexplored region of space known as the Odyssean Pass, Picard and the crew of the Starship Enterprise must put aside personal feelings and political concerns as they investigate a massive mysterious spacecraft. Adrift for centuries in the void, the ship is vital to the survival of an endangered civilization which has spent generations searching for a world to sustain what remains of its people. Complicating matters is a band of marauders who have their own designs on the ancient ship, with only the Enterprise standing in their way…


Following the exposure of Section 31, many of their agents are taken into custody, including the surviving Starfleet admirals who co-operated in the secret execution of President Zife. Admiral Ross and his defence lawyer are murdered in custody by Federation Security Agency agent Margo Dempsey whose husband Clark was killed by Uraei. However, with the USS Enterprise two months' travel away from Federation space, Picard is spared much of the scrutiny for now.

The Enterprise encounters a vast abandoned spaceship named the Osijemal and send an away team to explore. They are attacked by a boarding party from the Torrekmat, who had been aboard hidden and who were attempting to claim the vessel for salvage. The Torrekmat are apparently vaporised by a security system and their ship is also destroyed after attacking both the Enterprise and the Osijemal.

When T'Ryssa Chen is also struck by one of the security beams, it transpires that both she and the boarding party have been taken to the ship's occupants, the Nejamri. Their world will soon be uninhabitable and, with only limited warp capability, they were sent on a long journey to find a suitable world to colonise. Their physical forms and minds are stored within the ship's computer, sixty thousand of them, with them continuing to experience consciousness within a virtual environment. However, not only was the world they were aiming for unsuitable, forcing them to find a replacement, but their power is failing.

More Torrekmat ships arrive in response to a distress signal from the first. After another battle and the destruction of another ship, their commander, Brinamar, is convinced of the situation and agrees to help the Enterprise re-power the Osijemal with Chen and Elfiki helping to control things in the virtual environment. More Torrekmat ships arrive and refuse to believe Brinamar's story, attacking the Enterprise again, but are convinced to withdraw when faced with a fully powered Osijemal. The Enterprise crew give the Nejamri information on suitable nearby worlds before departing.

With the situation resolved, Picard elects to return and face the consequences of his actions, ordering the Enterprise back to Earth.



USS Enterprise-E personnel

Jean-Luc Picard.


Beverly Crusher.

T'Ryssa ChenBeverly CrusherRavel DyganDina ElfikiJoanna FaurJody FraserRyan GilerMaureen GranadosTamala HarstadRennan KonyaNathan KurtzGeordi La ForgeLinn PayneJean-Luc PicardRene Jacques Robert Francois PicardAneta ŠmrhováTaro TrinellTaurikOliver TrimbleGary WeinribWorf
Referenced only
Hegol Den

Starfleet personnel

Leonard James AkaarAlynna NechayevWilliam T. RikerWilliam RossRebecca Steeby
Referenced only
Joshua AlbertJonathan ArcherJadzia DaxMatt FranklinPhilippa GeorgiouEdward JellicoStephen LeachJames LeytonNicholas LocarnoTujiro NakamuraOwen ParisDaithan RuhalterMontgomery ScottElizabeth ShelbyDeanna Troi

Federation Security personnel

Margo DempseyT'thasJonas Voight
Referenced only
Clark Dempsey

Federation government officials

Rasanis th'PriilKellessar zh'Tarash
Referenced only
Koll AzernalNanietta BaccoJaresh-InyoIshan AnjarNelino QuafinaMin Zife

Section 31 personnel

Alynna NechayevWilliam Ross
Referenced only
Julian BashirSarina DouglasTujiro Nakamura

Osijemal personnel



Referenced only


Martok, son of UrthogJo'shwarK'shaf
Referenced only
GowronLazhna, daughter of MartokMartok, grandfather of MartokShen, daughter of MartokSirellaUrthog

Other characters

Jason AndersonPhillipa Louvois
Referenced only
Jeanne BaréWesley CrusherDataOzla GranivLalMadredStefana RossZachary RossUraei

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise-E.

USS Araguaia (runabout) • BadakboatUSS Enterprise-E (Sovereign-class) • OsijemalUtenlaZetoq
Referenced only
USS AriesChR Bloodied Taloncaptain's yachtCube 632USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class) • escape podUSS HoodUSS JenolenUSS MelbournePoklori gil daraUSS Rhea (Luna-class) • shuttlecraftUSS Stargazer (Constellation-class) • workpodUSS Victory (Constellation-class)


Alpha QuadrantBeta QuadrantCaldos II (New Glasgow) • Earth (Adirondack MountainsNew YorkPacific OceanAvenue des Champs-Élysées; Palais de la Concorde; Tour Eiffel; Tuileries Garden, ParisSan Juanico, MexicoFSA Detention Facility; Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco) • Odyssean PassQo'noS (Great Hall, First City)
Referenced only
Alpha Centauri BAndorBajorBetazedDeep Space 9 • Earth (EgyptNew Zealand Penal Settlement, Auckland, New Zealand) • Elba IIFederation-Klingon borderGamma QuadrantLuna (Aldrin City Archives Annex) • Memory AlphaMemory PrimeNejahloraPraxis • Qo'noS (Ketha ProvinceOld Quarter) • space stationSpacedockSralanyaStarbase 11Starbase 173TezwaTorrekmatUshalon

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

Federation Security AgencyHouse of MartokJirol Salvage GuildKlingon EmpireKlingon High CouncilNejamri ConclaveStarfleetStarfleet CommandUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Borg CollectiveCardassian UnionColumbia UniversityDominionFaculty of Law, OxfordFederation CouncilFederation Department of Temporal InvestigationsFederation Judiciary CouncilFederation News ServiceJudge Advocate GeneralKlingon Defense ForceProtection DetailRed SquadSection 31Starfleet AcademyStarfleet Research and Development

Ranks and titles

admiralagentaideArbiter of Successionassistantassistant captainassistant chief engineerassistant chief medical officerattorneyAttorney General of the United Federation of PlanetsbiographercadetcaptainChancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empirechief engineerchief medical officerchief of staffChief of Starfleet Operationscollaboratorcommanderconspiracy theoristcontact specialistcontractorcouncilorcounselorcustomerdiplomatdoctorengineerensignexchange officerexecutive officerfirst officerfleet admiralflight controllergeneralglinngulgunnerhistorianinterviewerjournalistjudgejudge advocatejuristjusticelaw clerklawyerliaisonlieutenantlieutenant commandermaraudermercenarymilitary dictatornegotiatornews anchorNumber oneofficeroperations officeroperativepilotpiratePresident of the United Federation of Planetsrear admiralsalvagerscientistsecretary of military intelligencesecurity chiefsecurity officersensor technicianservershipmasterspecialisttactical officertactical specialisttacticianteachertechniciantraitorturncoatveteranvice admiral

Science and technology

airlockalgorithmanestheticantennaartificial gravityartificial intelligenceasteroidatmosphereatrophyautomated fire control systembackup systembarometerbatterybattery storage farmbio-monitorbombbonebrain (neural impulse) • cannoncartilagechronometerClass Mcleaning systemcloaking devicecomacommunication beaconcommunicationscommunicator badgecomputercomputer codecomputer corecomputer matrixcomputer terminalconcussioncutting tooldampening pulsedata bankdata matrixdata storagedata transfer networkdeflector arraydeflector shielddiagnostic and treatment sleevedimensiondiseasedisruptordistress buoydizzinessdocking collarearelectronic circuitemitterencryptionenergyenergy conduitengineering paddenvironmental controlenvironmental suitextinctionfaster-than-light propulsionfeedback pulsefiltration systemfirewallflashlightflow regulatorflow regulator circuitfood processing systemforce fieldfrequencygrappler systemHavenheads-up displayheartholodeckhologramhumanoidhumerusimpulse engineinertial dampinginsectintercominterfaceintruder control systemion stormisolinear optical chipkeypadkilometerkiloquadlanding strutlaser torchlibrary computerlife spanlife supportligamentlocking mechanismlong-range sensorlungmagnetic bootmagnetic clampmagnetic rail tubemagnetic sealmaster systems displaymatter-energy conversion technologymedicationmedicinememory bankmeteormetermicrophonemile[ • moonnavigational systemnoseocular implantoptical data cableoreoverload switchoxygenP-38paddpain-relief medicationparallel universepassive scanpattern recognitionphaserphaser riflephysiologyplane of existenceplanetplasma conduitplasma coolantpollutionpower distribution networkpower generatorpower relayprobeprocessing coreprogramming codepropulsion systempsychotherapyquantum torpedorecordingrelayrelay systemreplicatorresonance frequencyrogue planetscattering fieldsciencesensorsensor arraysensor buoysensor nodeshield generatorsimulacrumskullsolar energy collectorspacespeakerstar systemsurge protection relaysurvey probesuspended animationtactical insettechnologytelescopeterraformthruster porttimelinetouch interfacetranquilizertransfer emittertranslation matrixtransparent aluminumtransporter inhibitortransportertransporter buffertreatmenttricorderturboliftturretuniversal translatoruniversevacuumviewscreenvirtual environmentwarp corewarp core breachwarp core containment systemwarp drivewarp nacellewavelengthwelding tool

Other references

18822324236523772381238520th century21st century22nd century23rd century24th centuryadhesiveafter action reportalpha shiftAndorian sexesanvilapartmentarkarticles of impeachmentassassinationassimilationbagbaldricbarBattle of Wolf 359beachbilletblanketbloodwineboat dockbookbookcasebootBorg Invasion of 2381brandybriefcasebrigbroadcast networkbrothelbulkheadbylawcabalcabincafecasinocassockchablischaise longuecheckpointcivil rightscoffee tablecoliseumcolonycommand chaircondominiumconnconspiracycontinentcoup d'etatcourt martialcourtyardcoverallscredenzacrew loungecurtaindaisdaydecadedeitydeskdetention facilitydiagnosticdirtdistress callDominion Wardoppelgängerdue processdusteducationemergency patch kitemergency escape protocolengineeringentertainmentenvelope maneuverevacuationevasive maneuverexecutive suiteexileexposéextraditionFederation Uniform Code of Justicefestivalfictionfirst contactflagshipforestFridaygallerygaming parlorgamma shiftgategovernmentgowngrasshammerHappy Bottom Riding ClubhelmethourhuntinaugurationinterviewinvasioninvestigationjacketJefferies tubeKhitomer AccordsKolinahrKolvoord StarburstLa Forge Delta Lima 14landing baylanguagelawlaw firmlaw schoollibraryliving roomlogicmaintenance protocolmanuscriptmartial lawmattressmedical kitmeditationmetalmetaphysicsmilitary trainingmillenniamilitarymothmountainmurdermusicNejamri languagenewsobsidianoceanOccupation of Bajorofficeoverride protocolpaintpaperpaperworkparkpatiopenal colonypersonnel recordphilosophypicturepillagepiracyplantpokerpoliticspower plantPrime Directivepromotionpublisherquarantinequartersready roomred alertresignationretirementsafe housesafety protocolsalvage rightssatchelscandalscanner suitescience stationsecondary hullsecurity patrolsecurity protocolseditionsickbaysofaspiritualitysportsstar chartStarfleet CharterStarfleet uniform (2373-2386)status reportstellar cartographySundayswimmingtactical stationtattootavernteateacuptechnical schematictool kittranslation protocoltreasontreetrialtribunaluniformvacationvillagevolcanowarwaterweapons control centerwhite flagyellow alert





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