Avatar robot

Avatar in 2269.

Avatar was a feminized android manager in charge of a warehouse on Gobi III.


When the people of Gobi III started to become infertile, Avatar was charged to keep the warehouse going. After the last of the people died in 1269, Avatar was instructed to keep it's culture growing. For over a thousand years, Avatar watched over and shipped the merchandise, babies, for a thousand years till 2269. Around that time, Avatar saw that it was necessary to acquire DNA samples from other species. She also cared for a girl named Adan and treated her like her own daughter out of curiosity.

Avatar then harvested the DNA of the USS Pasteur's crew. This brought the attention of the USS Enterprise to investigate. When a landing party under Capt. James T. Kirk came, Avatar captured and took them to her warehouse. She had them cleaned, took their weapons and placed them in holding area. Avatar denied that anyone had come down to visit the planet for a long time and that she was just selling agrarian and industrial tools. After Mallard was killed, Kirk found out what Avatar's real "merchandise" was. When Lt. O'Hara went to see the babies, Avatar tried to harvest her DNA. Kirk and Dr. McCoy then fought Avatar till she was shot in the back by Adan. Avatar, as she was deactivated permanently, said goodbye to Adan and asked Kirk to take her with them, thus securing her people's legacy. (TOS comic: "Year Four, Issue 6")

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