Avatrunei, later known as the Lawgiver, was a figure in Garidian history. Known as the architect of his peoples civilization, he wrote the Four Scrolls which set the structure of their society. The first scroll defines the Garidians' code of honor. The second defines the relationship between the military and the government. The third scroll outlines the Garidians' religion. Finally, the fourth scroll defines the privileges and responsibilities of the Patrician class. It was, however, believed that the Patricians stopped Avatrunei before he revealed the Fifth Scroll which would describe the rights of the Plebeians.

He was known to had said to the Garidian Ruling Council "They have taken my words and engraved them backwards." Then he left Garid with his Followers, on five spaceships to start their own colony.

The Garidian colonists arrived to the planet Frigis, formerly a part of the ancient Chodak Empire. There, the Lawgiver made a great study of the Chodak ruins and even developed a Chodak/Garidian translator.

However, early in their stay there, the disciples had already diverged, interpreting the Fifth Scroll according to their own preference. Barinom, Plegu and Ifnik made their own copies of the Scroll and founded their sects.

Although having distanced himself from the resulting sects, the Lawgiver's name and wisdom was devoutly remembered through greetings and blessings on the planet Frigis, even years after his death.

The existence of a Fifth Scroll was suspected to be the most important discovery in Garid's history. (TNG video game: A Final Unity)

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