Axanar is a planet that is a Federation member. Axanar is the home to the Axanarri species.

In FASA RPG materials, Axanar is the first planet in the Delta Orcus star system near the Federation-Klingon border. In Decipher RPG materials, Axanar is the seventh planet in the Toredar star system. According to Star Charts, Axanar is in the Epsilon Eridani star system.

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See Axanarri.

In 2222, the Axanarri develop single-shot warp drive. (Last Unicorn RPG module: All Our Yesterdays: The Time Travel Sourcebook)

In early 2251, Captain Garth of Izar won a major victory against the Klingon Empire at the Battle of Axanar. Following the battle, the USS Republic, under the command of Captain Rollin Bannock, was dispatched on the Axanar Peace Mission to maintain peaceful relations with the Axanarri. The mission was successful, and many participants received the Palm Leaf of Axanar. (TOS episode: "Whom Gods Destroy", TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Republic)

In 2285, the USS Cooper visited the planet to search for a hidden Klingon base left over from the Four Years War. (FASA RPG module: Return to Axanar)

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