Axel Carruthers was a Human male, a xenozoologist in the 23rd century.

In 2267, he was chief zoologist on Salvum, a Federation wildlife preserve planet.

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In 2267, Carruthers and his staff were incapacitated with sleeping gas by unknown raiders, who then fled Salvum in a Grotus transport. To prevent the USS Enterprise from pursuing them, they damaged the planet’s specially constructed atmospheric shield which required emergency repairs.

Later, Carruthers flew James T. Kirk, Spock, and Montgomery Scott aboard a survey plane to try to determine what the raiders wanted. Nothing seemed amiss in the sectors for Aridian sandworms and Plutonian snow-beavers, but Carruthers realized that all of the male Gharian wedding birds had been stolen. Montgomery Scott thought that they might be used for cockfighting on the the non-aligned asteroid Grotus, as it was a favored pastime there. Proposing an undercover mission, James T. Kirk asked if Carruthers could lend the Starfleet officers old clothes and the oldest model of spacecraft at his disposal. Carruthers provided them with a D-1 “buggy” transport ship to fiy to Grotus. (TOS comic: "Sport of Knaves")

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