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Erika Hernandez's first view of Axion.

The Axion was the capital city-starship of the Caeliar civilization located on the planet Erigol. Axion, like the other cities of the Caeliar, were designed with lofty towers made of what appeared to be glass and steel flanking moving walkways. Columns rose hundreds of meters above the city, decorated with intricate repeated designs and linked with tenuous filaments. The entire city was contained in a bowl-like shape, hovering above the surface of the planet.

In 2168, the Columbia approached Erigol, hoping to make repairs after a disastrous engagement with the Romulans. After beaming an away team down to the surface, they arrived at the edge of Axion, and were met by Inyx. Inyx explained there would be no aid for their vessel, and the away team would be the permanent guests of the Caeliar, and given housing in the city.

As the Columbia's MACO personnel in the away team rebelled against their forced imprisonment, the Great Work apparatus on Erigol destabilized simultaneously, due to a feedback pulse from an extragalactic source. The planet and star were thrown into chaos, and the cities attempted to escape from the surface of Erigol via subspace tunnels. However, only Axion and its fellow city Mantilis were able to escape destruction. Axion traveled to a point halfway between the core and rim of the Milky Way Galaxy to a time six hundred and fifty years in the past. Once through, the Caeliar set about to hide their presence and analyze their location, to determine if the travel was an error to be corrected, or the proper flow of time. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

Axion traveled through the stars for the next fifty-five years, searching from within the Star Chamber for another suitable planet to land on and colonize. Due to the loss of Erigol, the energy was severely limited, and every effort was made to conserve. Finally, in 1574, Axion settled onto a planet they named New Erigol and recolonized. The Caeliar worked quickly to build shells around the planet and sun, harnessing its power and isolating themselves from the outside universe. (ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)

Axion remained on New Erigol undisturbed for hundreds of years until in 2381, the USS Titan inadvertently stumbled upon their location, and they too were invited to be the permanent guests of the Caeliar rather than displacing the ship. Titan was later able to escape from New Erigol with the aid of Captain Hernandez, who later formulated a plan with fellow Starfleet Captains Jean-Luc Picard, William Riker, and Ezri Dax to convince the Caeliar to bring Axion to the Azure Nebula and use it's Omega molecule Generator to lure the Borg armada back to the nebula. Upon its arrival, the thousands of Borg Cubes attempted to assimilate and, later, destroy the city ship to no effect. Once the Collective was disbanded, the city-ship flew off into the universe with its fleet of altered cubes to meet and protect "worthy" races. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)

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