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The Azlesa Expanse in 2411.

Map of the Azlesa Expanse.

The Azlesa Expanse was a region of space, an interstellar expanse and nebula located in the B'Moth sector of the galaxy's Beta Quadrant. In the 25th century, this expanse was inside the space claimed by the Klingon Empire. (STO - Common Ground mission: "Azlesa Expanse Exploration")

History and specifications[]

The Azlesa Expanse in 2409.

In the early 25th century, the Azlesa Expanse was home to numerous star systems and inhabited planets. While claimed by the Klingon Empire, some cultures within were unaligned.

In stellar cartography, this region was depicted as a cluster of stars just outside the spinward border of the B'Moth sector, in the Omega Leonis sector block.

In 2409, Lieutenant Atonone tasked commanding officers of the Klingon Defense Force with missions of exploration within the Azlesa Expanse. (STO - Common Ground mission: "Azlesa Expanse Exploration")

By 2410, astrography placed the expanse within the borders of the B'Moth sector, and displayed it as a green-yellowish nebula. It was located close to the ChoS Nebula. The region became accessible to Starfleet and the Romulan Republican Force. (STO - A New Accord mission: "Azlesa Expanse Exploration")

The interactions with the region changed further. Ships of the Khitomer Alliance would dispatch duty officers on missions to the expanse, rather than venturing into it directly. The duty officers conducted missions of diplomatic and scientific nature, and assisted with the colonisation of the Azlesa Expanse. (STO - The Iconian War mission: "Azlesa Expanse Duty Officer Assignments")



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  • Before the Season 9.5 update (July 17th, 2014) in Star Trek Online, the Azlesa Expanse was located just outside the border of the B'Moth sector, in deep space.

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