For the mirror universe counterpart, see B'Oraq (mirror).

B'Oraq, daughter of Grala, was a female Klingon who lived during the 24th century. The daughter of a physician, she sought not only to follow in her father's footsteps, but to bring better medicine to the Klingon Empire. To that end, she applied to Starfleet Medical Academy.

In 2365, during her final year at the Academy, she was assigned to work at Spacedock's medical facility, though she was given the least desirable tasks and simplest patients. She appealed to then-head of Starfleet Medical, Dr. Beverly Crusher, who helped her gain a broader range of practical medical experience. Because of her support, B'Oraq came to refer to Crusher as "ghojmoHwI'", or mentor.

In 2375, B'Oraq was assigned as chief physician of the IKS Gorkon, with the rank of lieutenant, under Captain Klag. Early on, she tried to convince Klag, who had lost his right arm in the Battle of Marcan V, to have himself fitted with a prosthetic replacement. Klag refused, but eventually consented to have his recently dead father's arm transplanted, a procedure B'Oraq performed. (TNG novel: Diplomatic Implausibility)

Later that year, B'Oraq invited legendary Federation doctor Leonard McCoy to speak to the Klingon High Council in support of improved medical standards. Both were diverted when Malkus the Mighty overtook McCoy's consciousness, but eventually did reach Qo'noS with the doctor. (TNG - The Brave and the Bold, Book Two novella: The Final Artifact)

Her ideas of reform were unpopular with the Klingon medical community, and in particular with Kowag, physician to the High Council. In late 2376, he led her expulsion from the Klingon Physicians Enclave. However, her forensic work following an aircar accident in the city of Novat, which helped to preserve the honor of Councillor Kryan, led to the abolishment of the KPE and the creation of a new Klingon Medical Authority.

Also in this same period, B'Oraq began a romantic relationship with Captain Klag. (KE novel: A Burning House)

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