For the primary universe counterpart, see B'Oraq, daughter of Grala.

In the mirror universe, B'Oraq was an auburn-haired female Klingon physician who served the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance during the late 24th century. B'Oraq studied medicine on Cardassia in hopes that she could someday improve medical practices on Klingon worlds, as she found current Klingon medicine "barbaric". However, like most Klingons, she was still proficient with a d'k tahg.

At one point, B'Oraq cured the Klingon woman Miral of a poison when she was near death. Miral was grateful for this kindness for a long time. Her daughter B'Elanna also acted graciously, but in reality was angered, as the poison had represented years of work on B'Elanna's part to covertly kill her mother.

In the early 2370s decade, B'Oraq was assigned as the doctor of the Bak'rikan under Gul Aman Evek. Evek considered being given a Klingon physician the final insult in a string of hardships he had to endure, after the dissension of his first officer, Seska. B'Oraq herself was displeased with the assignment, preferring to work on a more well-equipped Klingon ship. She felt that her talents were wasted serving under a disgraced gul. She secretly hoped that Evek would challenge her physically, so that she could kill him legally and take command of the Bak'rikan.

In the year 2371, B'Oraq ran basic tests on Kes, an Ocampa discovered by the Bak'rikan in the Badlands. B'Oraq discovered elevated levels of psilosynine in Kes' brain, suggesting that the alien woman was the first telepath known to the Alliance in a century. B'Oraq was hampered in her tests by Bak'rikan's limited equipment, although Evek was not interested in taking the telepath to the nearby station Elvok Nor, where the credit for finding Kes would inevitably be stolen. B'Oraq suggested that they set a course for Ardana, a research facility run by B'Oraq's old friend B'Elanna. While on their way there, B'Oraq treated the Bak'rikan chief engineer, who was ill.

B'Oraq was briefly reunited with B'Elanna at Ardana; B'Elanna told her mother of the visit, and of B'Oraq's unpleasant assignment aboard the Bak'rikan. Miral planned to have words with General Martok about having her reassigned. After B'Oraq returned to the ship, she and Evek were contacted by B'Elanna, who confirmed Kes's telepathic abilities. With no further use for Evek, B'Elanna threatened to destroy the Bak'rikan. B'Oraq appealed to her friendship with the supervisor, at which point B'Elanna revealed the truth behind her attempt on her mother's life. B'Oraq was killed when B'Elanna had the Bak'rikan destroyed. (VOY - Mirror Universe novella: The Mirror-Scaled Serpent)

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