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The B'nurlac were an ancient civilization who lived at some point before the 24th century, native to somewhere in the space of the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants. In the year 2358, one of Professor Jean-Luc Picard's archaeology class students mentioned it as an example of ancient civilizations.

History and specifics[edit | edit source]

According to Federation archaeologist Miliani Langford, the B'nurlac civilization was destroyed when their bioengineered slave races rose up to eradicate them. The B'nurlac were described as having low, ankylosaurian bodies with bony dorsal carapaces and clubbed tails. They built at least some of their civilization on top of ancient Manraloth ruins, such as those found on a planet that was known eons later as Tanebor.

Picard used information from a B'nurlac archaeological database in his research into mysterious timeless objects rumored to exist from before the legendary galactic Great Extinction. (TNG novel: The Buried Age)

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