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An example of a B-class star.

A B-class (or B-type) star is a stellar classification for a hot blue star that is composed of neutral helium and some hydrogen.

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History and specifications

The temperature is between 10,000 and 28,000 Kelvins, generally referred to as being a blue star. (ST reference: Star Charts)

Type B0 V stars are 1,300 times brighter than Sol and have 17.5 times more mass. Their habitable zone ranges from 108-148 AU and are 20 million to 120 million years old. Type B5 V stars are 830 times brighter than Sol and have 8.2 times more mass. Their habitable zone ranges from 27.4-37.4 AU and are 300-800 million years old. (Decipher RPG module: Worlds)

The high levels of radiation emitted by the B-class star Bhea A of the Bhea star system led to the Federation rejecting a proposal to terraform the large class M planet Bhea I. (STO - Patrol the Vulcan Sector mission: "Bhea System Patrol")

In 2410, the Lukari star unexpectedly began to cease fusion and die down. The 27th century scientist Kal Dano used his invention, the Tox Uthat, a quantum phase inhibitor, to revive this star. The Tholians stole the Tox Uthat from Dano and used it to kill the star of the Na'kuhl system, setting in motion one of the key issues of the Temporal Cold War. (STO - Future Proof mission: "Sunrise")

Known B-class stars



Stellar classification
By class and type class O blue-violet starclass B blue starclass A blue-white starclass F white star (white dwarf) • class G yellow star (yellow dwarfyellow giant) • class K orange star (orange giant) • class M red star (red dwarfred giant) • boson starbrown dwarfgreen starN-type starR-type starS-type starD-type star
By size or makeup black hole/black starcarbon stardwarf star (brown dwarfred dwarfwhite dwarfyellow dwarf) • giant star (blue giantred giantorange giantyellow giant) • Lazarus starmicrostarneutron star (collapsarmagnetarpulsar) • protostarsupergiant starvariable starwhite holeWolf-Rayet star

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