After a settlement on Bajor is attacked, Kira and the crew of the Defiant pursue the suspects while Ro Laren investigates the circumstances of the attack; Sisko enjoys being back with his family, while Jake travels around Bajor; First Minister Asarem rushes to find a person to represent Bajor on the Federation Council; Opaka encourages Vedek Solis to seek to become the next Kai.

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From The Back Cover:

BAJOR: The honeymoon is over. Following the euphoria of Bajor's marriage to the Federation, the real work of making that union work has begun. But even on a world where politics and religion are intertwined, conflicting visions of Bajor's role in the interstellar arena divide the planet's leadership. As newly minted Captain Kira Nerys sets the tone for the kind of Starfleet officer she will be, First Minister Asarem makes a bold move to define Bajor's voice in the Federation, while the returned Benjamin Sisko prepares for a future that only he, as yet, can see.



Asarem WadeenAzeni KorenaJulian BashirSam BowersCenn DescaFofen ParshIliana GhemorGirani SemnaGordimerJaza NajemKe HovathKe IniriKrim AldosLedahn MuriLenaris HolemKira NerysMarjaNogOpaka SulanQuarkRo LarenJason SenkowskiBenjamin SiskoJake SiskoRebecca Jae SiskoSolis TendrenSorati TeruTaran'atarSimon TarsesPrynn TenmeiThirishar ch'ThaneThenoElias VaughnKasidy Yates
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Azeni JiramAzeni LariahBareil AntosDave BrubeckEzri DaxJadzia DaxDay KannuSkrain DukatEkoshaEnand AdassaEnkar SirsyJaro EssaNatima LangLi NalasAkellen MacetModoMiles O'BrienOhaluRava MehwynRozahnShabrenShakaar EdonJennifer SiskoJoseph SiskoSorati HerekTalnotTanin PremTopaTora ZiyalTrakorTriuUsayaWinn AdamiYevir Linjarin


Alpha QuadrantAshallaBajorB'hava'elDeep Space 9InfirmaryJanitza MountainsMyleaRiver WayShikina MonasterySidauSisko's houseTanin MemorialYolja RiverYyn
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Argaya systemBadlandsBajoran wormholeBerengaria VIIB'halaCestus IIIColosseumCoridan IIIEarthFerenginarGamma QuadrantGaron IIIlviaJalanda spaceportJanirJo'kalaKenda ShrineKran-Tobal prisonLondonNew BajorNew OrleansParthenonProphet's LandingRakantha ProvinceRellikethSahving ValleySindorinSouth AmericaSudanTaluno LibraryTamulnaTessikTrill

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Besinian freighterUSS Defiant (Defiant-class)
Referenced only 
USS AlexandriaUSS BrahmaputraEven Odds

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Bajoran MilitiaKendra RangersStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Alliance for Global UnityBajoran ResistanceCardassian UnionCentral ArchivesCircle CommissionDahkur Institute of ArtDominionFederation CouncilMaquisMusilla UniversityNavotPaquSen Ennis


ablative armorantimatter injectorceiling fanisolinear cubepulse phasersensor droneskimmerskycarSpiral-wave disruptor

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Allied protectorateApex Chairasnor fishAsturAttainderAvatar of PeaceBajoran Embassy on EarthBajoran languageBajoran prophecyBajoran religionbargeBook of Ohalucelacela teacoffeeDal'RokdilithiumdinosaurD'jarraDominion WarDraco BerengariusduranjaEmissary of the Prophetsesanievent horizonFederation StandardFerengi Rules of Acquisitionfusionstonegrave markergroszgumbohasperathellhoverballjazzKaferian lilykaikuja flymakapamoba jamOccupation of Bajororborb fragmentOrnithochirusOstenex-DOstenex-EoysterpaghpaghvaramPsionicspterosaurranjenRule of AcquisitionscorcashafashamanshodiSirahnaSpeculations on the Architecture of the Celestial Templespringballspring wineteabagtessijentessipatetribbletriceronUnity Dayvedekvolewerewolfwormholexiqai


Background informationEdit

  • This novel is written by J. Noah Kym. Kym commented: "As a fan, it was especially fun to be the one who got to marry off Jake, to show Sisko being a dad to his new daughter, to offer a shadowy glimpse of the major new villain who is eventually revealed in David Mack's book Warpath, and to be the the first author ever to have Kira say, 'This is Captain Kira Nerys of the USS Defiant, representing the United Federation of Planets'. That was just too cool". (Voyages of Imagination)
  • This is the second of two stories in Worlds of Deep Space Nine, Volume Two. The first story contained in this book is Trill: Unjoined.
  • Fragments and Omens introduces Cenn Desca and Jaza Najem, a main character of the Star Trek: Titan series.
  • In this novel, Enkar Sirsy's given name is spelled "Syrsy".

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