The Bajoran-Cardassian Treaty was a treaty signed by the Third Republic of Bajor and the Cardassian Union in 2371. The treaty dealt with issues over the Occupation of Bajor.

The treaty was spearheaded by Vedek Bareil Antos, who negotiated with Legate Turrel. When Bareil was critically injured on his way to Deep Space 9, Kai Winn Adami took his place at the negotiating table. Bareil was able to guide Kai Winn during the negotiations and the treaty was signed, although Bareil died shortly after. The treaty sent political shockwaves across the Alpha Quadrant. (DS9 episode: "Life Support")

In 2372, the Bajoran government was unwilling to recognize Ro Laren's work with Kira Nerys in a black market investigation due to Ro's membership in the Maquis. Keree Lawr felt that doing so would anger the Cardassians and risk the treaty. (DS9 novel: Wrath of the Prophets)

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