The Bajoran Ministry of Commerce was an agency of the Bajoran Provisional Government. The agency operated the Bajoran Freight and Shipping Authority freighter service, which as of 2372 Kasidy Yates worked for as a freighter captain. (DS9 episodes: "Indiscretion", "The Changing Face of Evil")

In 2370, Tanar Maya served as Bajor's Minister of Commerce. (DS9 novel: Antimatter)

Following her release from a Federation prison for supporting the Maquis and her return to Deep Space 9, Yates immediately resumed her post with the Bajoran Ministry of Commerce. (DS9 novel: The Badlands, Part IV)

During the Dominion War, many of the freighter captains working for the Commerce Ministry chose to stay close to Bajor. (DS9 novelization: Far Beyond the Stars)

Yates continued to work for the ministry, part-time, into her pregnancy in 2376. (DS9 novel: Avatar)


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