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The Bajoran Resistance was a mass resistance movement that was formed on Bajor during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor in the 24th century. Although there was no resistance to the Cardassians when they arrived in 2328, years of slavery, torture, and oppression led many Bajorans to fight back against their occupiers.


The resistance movement had been formed by 2333 and began guerrilla attacks. Prefect Monor was concerned a similar group might be formed on Raknal V, the centre of the Betreka Nebula Incident. Monor also condemned the Central Command for believing the Bajoran people's religion would mean they would not attack the Cardassian forces. (TLE novel: The Art of the Impossible)

Different resistance cells were established which would operate independently and work to raid and sabotage Cardassian facilities and force them from the planet. The Cardassian response to the rising terrorism was to execute all suspected resistance members and make an example of them, but this only made matters worse. In 2369, the Cardassians were forced to withdraw from Bajor. With Bajor now free, many resistance members returned to normal lives on Bajor, while others joined the reestablished Bajoran Militia. Meanwhile some extreme segments, such as the Kohn-Ma, continued to fight against the Cardassians for some time after. (DS9 episodes: "Emissary", "Past Prologue", "Shakaar")

One Resistance tactic was to land their ships on asteroids around Bajor and ride them to their targets, undetected as anything other than asteroids. (DS9 novel: Devil in the Sky)

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Alternate future

In the Kelvin timeline created by Nero and a future created by Q when he brought the USS Enterprise a hundred years into the future, the Bajoran resistance fought against the Cardassian/Dominion forces under Gul Skrain Dukat occupying Bajor. (TOS - The Q Gambit comics: "Part 2", "Part 3")

Resistance cells

Cells of the Bajoran Resistance
Bram resistance cellCarrath resistance cellHalpas resistance cellJaras resistance cellKohn-Ma resistance cellLagan resistanc cellNilan resistance cellOrnathia resistance cellPak Dorren resistance cellSalbhai resistance cellShakaar resistance cell