In the mirror universe, the Bajoran dissident movement was a resistance movement formed to resist and oppose the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.

Its ultimate goal was to free Bajor from the influence of the Alliance in order to reclaim its lost spiritual heritage. It was led by a "cabal of mystics" and had secret supporters within all levels of Bajoran society.

Following the conquest of Bajor by the Terran Empire in 2255, the Bajoran religion was suppressed and driven underground. The Terrans killed all of its priests and destroyed its icons such as the Orbs of the Prophets. Prior to the Terran conquest, Kai Dava Nikende foresaw the destruction of the Orbs and preserved fragments from each of them. Enclaves of worshipers still existed on Bajor in 2377. (DS9 novels: Fearful Symmetry, The Soul Key)

They sympathised with the goals of the Terran Rebellion. Shortly after the rebels gained control of Terok Nor in 2372, representatives of the movement secretly travelled to the space station and proposed a partnership between them.

The two groups immediately began coordinating their goals, efforts, tactics and strategies. However, contact between them was limited to minimise the risk of either group being exposed. No comm signals passed between the two groups. Information was sent back and forth by messenger and only when it was determined that it was safe to travel.

One of its most prominent enclaves was located in Vekobet. The Alliance believed that it was a slave labour camp which was charged with the responsibility of processing raw uridium. The camp's administrator Opaka Sulan, her lieutenant Winn Adami and the camp physician Doctor Jaro Essa were in reality the Vekobet's leadership triad while the supposed slave labour force, which consisted of Terrans, Bolians, Tellarites and other species, were members of the enclave. Vekobet boasted rich veins of uridium, meaning that the enclave regularly exceeded the Alliance quotas. The excess uridium was transported to their allies elsewhere on Bajor.

Other members of the dissident movement included Dakahna Vaas and Lupaza as well as the Terran Elias Vaughn and his daughter Prynn Tenmei and the Cardassians Iliana Ghemor and Ataan Rhukal. (DS9 novel: The Soul Key)

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