Bajoran prison shuttle

Fleeing prisoners run towards the shuttle.

The Bajoran prison shuttle was a small shuttlecraft vehicle that was landed near the grounds of Prison Complex 187 in 2368. Operated by the Bajoran Provisional Government and the Bajoran Militia, this spacecraft was used by the Bajorans to provded access transportation to and from the prison's desolate planetary location.

In 2368, a group of Cardassians, convicted as war criminals and sentenced to die in the prison's infamous Omega Wing escaped from the cell block and, using captured Bajoran phaser pistols, made a dash for the shuttle. While a few of the condemned prisoners gained access to the shuttle's ramp, most were cut down by a Bajoran firing squad with phaser rifles, set to kill. One of the escapees likened the Bajoran actions as killing the Cardassians as if they were gettle.

Gul Shyak was one of the lucky few to survive, although his brother Tomorok died in his arms on the ramp. The shuttle survivors ended up forming a radical terrorist movement against the Bajorans, even as the Cardassian Union began to deal peace with the former enemy in 2370. (DS9 comic: "Turn of the Tide")



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