Ro Avatar

Second Lieutenant Ro Laren in 2376.

Neela (rank)

Ensign Neela in 2369.

The Bajoran Militia, an agency of the Bajoran Provisional Government, used a system of Bajoran uniforms and rank insignia to show individual standing in their heirarchy. On most Bajoran personnel, rank insignia were worn on the right hand side of the collar. On the left side they wore rank pin-ons (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; ST reference: Encyclopedia)

Rank insignia chartEdit

duty uniform
technical corps staff corps field officer corps
general wear/enlisted Bajoran collar-1[1] Bajoran collar-2[1]
ensign[2] Bajoran ens-1[3] Bajoran ens-2[1] Bajoran Ens. rank pin-on[2]
second lieutenant/lieutenant junior grade[2] Bajoran 2lt-1[4] Bajoran 2lt-2[1] Bajoran Lt. (JG) rank pin-on[2]
first lieutenant/senior lieutenant[2] Bajoran 1lt-1[5] Bajoran 1lt-2[1] Bajoran Lt. rank pin-on[2]
company captain[2] Bajoran cpt-1[1] Bajoran cpt-2[1] Bajoran Capt. Rank pin-on[2]
major[2][1] Bajoran maj-1[6] Bajoran maj-2[7] Bajoran Maj. rank pin-on[2]
field colonel Bajoran field colonel[8] Bajoran field colonel-2[6]
brevet-lieutenant colonel Bajoran Li Nalas insignia[9] Bajoran brevet lt col-2[6]
lieutenant colonel Bajoran lt colonel[6] Bajoran colonel (Kira)[10]
colonel Bajoran sr colonel-1[6] Bajoran colonel (Lenaris)[11]
general Bajoran general-1[12] Bajoran general-2[6]


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