The Balaur-class dreadnought was a Gorn Hegemony starship in service in the early 25th century. It was equipped with disruptor beam arrays, dual disruptor cannons and photon torpedo launchers. Balaur-class dreadnoughts outmatched Vishap-class frigates and Tuatara-class cruisers in terms of size and armament. The class was also used by the Gorn rebels in their struggle against the Klingon Empire. (ST video game: Star Trek Online)


In the year 2409, the Balaur-class was part of several fleet engagements. As a Klingon vassal state, the Gorn had five dreadnoughts each lead a fleet to raid Federation starbases in the Eta Eridani sector block. Acting as siege dreadnoughts, ships of the Balaur-class participated in sieges of those starbases. The Gorn rebels also utilized ships of this class in sieges against KDF starbases. (STO missions: "Fleet Alert", "Starbase Fleet Defense").

Both Starfleet and the KDF included Gorn dreadnoughts in their "no-win-scenario" programs Combat Simulation 347. (STO mission: "No Win Scenario")

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