Balayna Ferasini (died 2246) was a Human female and a colonist who lived on Tarsus IV in the 23rd century.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Balayna was a descendant of Humans who had been part of the original group to settle Tarsus IV.

When Starfleet was forced to evacuate the Epsilon Sorona colonists to Tarsus IV, Balayna volunteered to help in the efforts to help the refugees resettle on Tarsus IV.

By 2246, she was in a relationship with Starfleet Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Lorca. Balayna was one of the few people Lorca allowed to refer to him as "Gabe". After a fungal infection attacked the food supplies on Tarsus IV, Balayna was summoned to an amphitheatre by people working for new Governor Adrian Kodos. She became one of the 4,000 who died when forces under the command of Kodos murdered the colonists.

The death of Balayna greatly affected Lorca, and he would carry the pain of losing her for many years. (DSC novel: Drastic Measures)

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