Baldakor was a municipality on the planet Coroticus III, which served as that world's political and spiritual center. It was the community closest to the Federation's cultural observation station on the planet and, during the Dominion occupation of the planet during the Dominion War, the center of Dominion activities.

During the occupation, Baldakor accepted the Vorta leader Ushpallar as a god, and were rewarded for this dedication with such things as improved sanitation systems, medicines, and food supplies. In return, the temple in Baldakor, led by the Sibling Dyrvelkada, dedicated a shrine to him, complete with his likeness in stained glass.

Following the end of the occupation, and the annihilation of the nearby city of Ajjem-kuyr, academician Jarolleka hoped, with Dyrvelkada's help, to reestablish the Ajjem-kuyr Academy in Baldakor. (SCE eBook: Fables of the Prime Directive)


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