Worf baldric DC Comics

Worf wearing a Klingon baldric.

A baldric or sash was a wide ornamental belt worn over one shoulder and around the waist.

History and specificsEdit

In ancient times, Klingon warriors would wear a belt around their waist which was called a Ha'quj, and which was used to carry their swords. In 24th century tlhIngan Hol, the word Ha'quj means "baldric" or "sash", and it forms a common part of a warrior's uniform whether they carry a sword or not. (tlhIngan Hol reference: Klingon for the Galactic Traveler)

Worf wore a baldric over top of his Starfleet uniform as a symbol of his Klingon heritage. In the year 2369 Worf's baldric was useful in locating him when he was involved in a shuttlecraft accident. The unique metals used in its construction allowed it be more detectable in sensor scans. (TNG comic: "Light of the Day")



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