Balon was a material used as a fuel source by the Bajorans. Balon deposits were known to be found in abundance all over Bajor.

The Ornathia resistance cell of the Bajoran Resistance began to use balon as a fuel source for their ships in the 2340s, as Cardassian sensors were unable to trace it. Large scale use of balon had been stopped in the early 23rd century due to the unstable nature of the material, but Ornathia Taryl was able to distill the balon and isolate the nadion-affected components to stabilize it. The Ornathia resistance cell eventually equipped twenty sub-impulse and impulse driven vessels with balon, including the ships the Ornathia used to attack Pullock V. The Cardassians learned that the Bajorans were using balon when they discovered Ornathia Lac's raider on Derna. (ST - Terok Nor novel: Night of the Wolves)

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