Bannik was a Tirrion individual with the Federation Diplomatic Corps in the 24th century.


Although a diplomat, he possessed Federation security training, with a Weapons Proficiency of 8 and Anti-Assassin and Incident Investigation at Level 4; this skill and Bannik's personal interest in combat (as evidenced by his choice of holosuite programs) were considered highly unusual for his race.

In 2371, Envoy Bannik travelled to Deep Space 9 work with Ambassador Karrig. Bannik was later instrumental in stopping the Nemesis. After the crisis was over, Bannik decided to attend Starfleet Academy with the aim of becoming Starfleet's first Tirrion tactical officer. Benjamin Sisko asked Bannik to consider a posting to Deep Space 9 when he graduated, due to the threat of the Dominion necessitating a good tactical officer for the station. (DS9 video game: Harbinger)

Bannik was the point-of-view character of the game, so was unseen. The character was voiced by Mark Keller.
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