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Barak, son of Krase was a Klingon male who lived during the 23rd century. Barak was an officer in the Klingon Defense Force.


By 2273, Barak had risen to the rank of captain and was commanding officer of the IKS Amar. In that year, the Amar was part of a squadron that detected V'Ger moving through Klingon space. The three ships moved to intercept the intruder. Upon meeting the intruder, Barak ordered a tactical scan of the cloud around V'Ger. Upon seeing the tactical report, Krase ordered the Amar to fire three photon torpedoes into the intruder.

V'Ger responded to the Klingon force by firing one of its plasma energy devices at one of the ships in the squadron. Barak and the others on board the Amar watched as the ship was vaporized. Seeing another plasma device heading for them, Barak ordered his gunners to fire a torpedo at it, but the torpedo was absorbed by the device. Barak and the Amar crew were killed when the plasma device hit and vaporized the Amar. (TOS movie, novelization & comic adaptation: Star Trek: The Motion Picture; Star Trek CCG: The Trouble with Tribbles)



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