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Barbara, or Barb was a Human woman of the 24th century, a former Starfleet cadet, and a mercenary in the Silver Paladin's band.

She preferred to be called "Barb", and disliked the name "Barbara" and especially hated "Babs". She was a very strong woman, with short black hair. She was impatient and hated inactivity. She had no criminal record within the Federation.

Barb began training as a cadet at Starfleet Academy. However, she was a poor student but a better fighter, and dropped out after two years. Afterwards, she became a mercenary. She met Adrian Dareau (himself an ex-Starfleet commander) in a bar on Nornius Beta. After seeing him fight off some muggers, she asked him to help her rescue a kidnapped person. Together they began a mercenary group under Dareau's leadership, who took the name the Silver Paladin, working as ethical mercenaries and freelance freedom fighters.

In addition to her work with the Silver Paladin, Barb took private mercenary jobs outside the group, which Dareau tolerated provided they were quick and didn't bring reprisals. One of these was to help free Lord Rikan and a number of political prisoners from a prison on the planet Treva. After learning of her group, Rikan invited Dareau and his group to aid his rebellion against President Nalavia.

She and the rest of the organization were based at Rikan's castle, Warrior's Rest in 2364 where she aided their activities. She, Gerva, and Tuuk bought parts to construct false containers in the team's plot to replace the Riatine drug with a placebo. When Nalavia's forces later assaulted the castle in response, she helped defend its walls against flyers. Though Data tried to save her, Barb was killed by a crashing flyer. (TNG novel: Survivors)

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