Barkan Lokar was a Cardassian male, son of Draban Lokar and grandson of the legendary Turat Lokar. He attended the Bamarren Institute for State Intelligence where he was given the designation of One Charaban.

As Alpha male of the Charaban group, Lokar had great authority within the Institute and often intimidated younger students with tests and his gruff voice. This early intimidation made Elim Garak quite wary of him in their earliest encounters but they soon warmed up to each other when Barkan offered Elim a role in helping to plan a mock battle against the third level students. With Garak’s help, the competition was a great success but, fearing Garak’s rise to power, Barkan betrayed him and installed his cousin Nine Lubak in a position of power instead. In the same move, Lokar betrayed the leader of the opposition, One Ramaklan, with whom he had entered into a pact to have the competition end in a stalemate allowing them both to raise in power; Barkan chose the extra glory of victory over keeping his word.

Lokar went on to marry fellow Bamarren student Palandine and they had a daughter, Kel. He took up a position as an administrator and later Vice Prefect in the Bajoran Occupational Government, his efficient programs skilfully stripping Bajor of its resources. He was an infamous womanizer, but these acts were overlooked in respect of his skillful services to the Union.

Later Barkan became aware of Elim Garak's involvement in the death of Procal Dukat, as well as of the affair between Garak and Palandine, and captured Garak in the hope of torturing information about the circumstances of Dukat's death and extracting revenge on him for the affair. The plan backfired and Elim killed Barkan. (DS9 novel: A Stitch in Time)


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