The Barzan wormhole was a wormhole which had one terminus near the Barzan homeworld in the Alpha Quadrant and another that was unstable in the Delta Quadrant.

The Cardassians knew about or suspected the existence of the wormhole more than a decade before its discovery. Elim Garak studied it while he was at the Bamarren Institute for State Intelligence. (DS9 novel: A Stitch in Time)

In 2366, the Barzan people began taking bids on who would get to own the wormhole, although the negotiations collapsed when it was discovered the other terminus of the wormhole unstable and worthless for use. Two Ferengi were lost when they were unwilling to believe that the wormhole might be destabilizing, and so did not return to the Alpha Quadrant. (TNG episode: "The Price")

In 2373, the two Ferengi were found by the USS Voyager and tried to escape back through the wormhole. Their attempts to do so made both ends of the wormhole unstable. (VOY episode: "False Profits")

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