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The Basic set was the initial set of Star Trek: The Card Game released by Skybox.

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Cards[edit | edit source]

Challenges[edit | edit source]



Alice in Wonderland: Alice is a creation of the mind brought to life by alien technology. (common) (Image from TOS episode: "Shore Leave")
Mind control or command


Doctor Tristan Adams: Mind control or command. Dr. Adams is a crazed scientist with a mind control device. (uncommon) (Image from TOS episode: "Dagger of the Mind")
Enigma or argue


Lazarus: Enigma or argue. A scientist, Lazarus went mad after discovering an antimatter universe, and with it, his alternate self. Multiple Lazarus cards may be played in a single episode. (common) (Image from TOS episode: "The Alternative Factor")

Crew[edit | edit source]

Yeoman Karen Greene


Yeoman Karen Greene: Ship's materials officer. Routine schedule: If Greene survives... (common) (Image from TOS episode: "The Doomsday Machine")

Core Crew[edit | edit source]

Captain James T. Kirk


Captain James T. Kirk: (super common) (Image from TOS)
Commander Spock


Commander Spock: (super common) (Image from TOS)
Dr. Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy


Doctor Leonard McCoy: (super common) (Image from TOS)

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