The Bastion was a Povini starship, a generic frigate in service in the 2410s decade. The ship's commanding officer was Egen Burren. It was the last known ship of the Povini species. (STO - New Frontiers mission: "Of Signs and Portents")


In 2410, the Bastion was part of the hastily assembled Povini fleet defending the homeworld Povin in the Mivic system. The Povini were no match for the attacking Tzenkethi Coalition fleet, which proceeded to obliterate every Povini vessel, but missed the disabled Bastion. The Bastion was unable to intervene when the Tzenkethi detonated a protomatter bomb on Povin's surface in an act of genocide.

Soon after, a trio of Alpha Quadrant Alliance ships, led by the Lukari Concordium Ho'kuun-class science vessel LSS Reskava, discovered Povin on the trail of the Tzenkethi. Burren's distress call was the first contact between the Povini and another species. The AQA ships supported the Bastion with engineers and supplies, and beamed all surviving Povini from escape pods in the debris field to Burren's ship.

Because the survivors on the Bastion represented the last members of their species, Captain Burren requested asylum with the Alliance. (STO - New Frontiers mission: "Of Signs and Portents")

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