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An illusory bat visits the Enterprise.

The bat was a flying mammal that was found on Earth and other planets.

When the USS Enterprise was traveling to the planet Thallus, a creature claiming to be Count Dracula appeared on the bridge and turned into a bat, then a mist. He escaped into the turbolift. (TOS comic: "The Haunting of Thallus!")

The followers of Khan Noonien Singh had taken refuge in a cavern that was once inhabited by bats on Ceti Alpha V. Khan had built up a supply of explosives from the nitrates found in the guano. (TOS novel: To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh)

In 2274, two gnomes riding bats beamed aboard the USS Enterprise, armed with bolas. The bats were an illusion generated by the gnomes. (TOS comic: "There's No Space Like Gnomes'!")

Close-up of a bat

The Humans on Torgu-Va had collected droppings from a type of bat found on the planet to create nitrates. They also used the calls from the bat as identifying sounds in the tunnels outside of Federation Battle Station Torgu-Va. (TNG novel: The Forgotten War)

Zeta Reticuli A was home to large bat-like creatures which the weeper plant consumed. (TOS reference: Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual)

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