The BattleEdit

The "Battle for the Heartland" was a riot in late August 2385 the capital city of Cardassia Prime between conservative and liberal political factions of the city population. There were two principal locations of the battle - at at the tramlines between North Torr and East Torr, and outside the HARF compound. At the former location, the city constabulary stood in a double-line between the factions, at the latter forming a perimeter. Reta Kalanis commanded the constabulary lines, and her protege Arati Mhevet was present at the Torr division. At sunset the two factions charged the constabulary lines. The Battle was observed from HARF by Commanders Margaret Fry and Worf, and Lieutenant Aneta Šmrhová. To Šmrhová all that could be seen was 'the orange lights of the constabulary units and, beyond that, dark figures moving. Here and there, she caught the occasional red flash of disruptor fire.' Alcohol and a desire to inflict violence on others, including by Constabulary members, were components of the Battle (ST - The Fall novel: The Crimson Shadow).


The Battle was a success for the Constabulary, whose lines held. However it was a sign of the fraught nature of the situation on Cardassia Prime, being 'the worst violence seen on the streets of this turbulent city for years.' The authorities arrested many rioters, including Ravel Dygan. Afterwards the event would be the subject of heroic holodramas lionising the Constabulary.

The most important fruit of the Battle was that Dygan was able to contact Elim Garak, communicating to him and to Mhevet that a Cardassian gang ran by Velok Dekreny had claimed to have murdered Nanietta Bacco (ST - The Fall novel: The Crimson Shadow).

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