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The Battle of Delta Doradus was fought between Starfleet and Orion forces in the Delta Doradus system in 2166.

Since the 2150s, Orion pirates had been raiding and affecting Earth and Federation shipping lanes, and seriously damaging Federation commerce. The final straw came in 2166, and several Starfleet vessels, including the Daedalus class vessels, USS Lindbergh and USS Wakefield, were sent to the system to ambush the Orions.

The ambush was a success and the Lindbergh successfully destroyed three Orion vessels, and severely cripple several others. Starfleet also suffered its casualties with the loss of the Wakefield. The Orion forces shortly withdrew, and Starfleet was successful in its mission, as shipping and commerce in the region became more stable. (Decipher RPG module: Starfleet Operations Manual)

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