The Battle of Seleya is a conflict that is occured on Vulcan at roughly over 2,500 years before the philosipher Surak's birth.

The Battle of Seleya happened at Mount Seleya and was between the adepts of the temple and the armies of the warlord Sulen. The reason for the conflict was because Sulen's greatest rival, T'Vhet of the kingdom of ShiKahr, had asked the inhabitants of Seleya to watch over her daughter, T'Peia, as Sulen wished to wed her to his son in order to secure an alliance between the two kingdoms.

She was horribly mistaken that the sanctity of the mountain would prevent Sulen from attacking it and the warlord brought his armies to lay siege to the temple. Legend says that the battle lasted for eighty days where the inhabitants of the mountain brought thunder, as well as fire, to break the earth and where thousands of Sulen's soldiers died. Finally, the defenders of the mountain surrendered.

Angered at the defiance and his loses, Sulen ordered his soldiers to capture the daughter of T'Vhet and to slay all the clerics. The high priest of the temple were said to have been killed by Sulen personally at which point, the warlord ordered his elite soldiers to leave no survivors. None were spared and the legend states that this was the reason why the mountain is colored red with blood, though more scientific minds would simply state that this is simply because of the higher oxide content of the soil. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of Kolinahr: The Vulcans)

The sourcebook seems to forgo the fact that Vulcan blood is green rather then red.
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