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"Helm, attack pattern, Theta-Red. Weapons, hit the Borg with everything we've got: transphasic torpedoes, phasers, bad grammar-whatever it takes!"
Morgan Bateson to his crew

The Battle of Vulcan was one of several battles that took place during the Borg Invasion of 2381. It place at the same time as the attacks on Andoria, Tellar, Coridan III, Qo'noS, and Beta Rigel. The Borg would become immune to the transphasic torpedoes during these battles.

The BattleEdit

The battle took place in February 2381 several hours after 7,461 Borg ships poured out of the subspace tunnels in the Azure Nebula. A Borg fleet composed of ten Cubes was formed and sent to eradicate the population of Vulcan (planet). The Federation starship USS Atlas engaged the fleet and started off by firing several transphasic torpedoes destroying two cubes.

Atlas fired again, but the Borg had already adapted. Captain Bateson ordered his ship to back away from the Borg armada. The USS Billings then placed a reserve wing of ships on a collision course with the Borg cubes. The tactic proved pointless as they were all destroyed and the Borg ships proceeded to fire on Vulcan.

The weapons impacts were witnessed by T'Lana in the Forge; as she watched a multi-megaton blast race toward her, she determined the blast would reach her in 6.2 seconds.

Eventually, Erika Hernandez took temporary control of the Borg Collective and ordered them to fight among each other, destroying large numbers of ships. The Borg Queen regained control and ordered the drones to regenerate.

Upon watching the Borg armada go inactive, Bateson ordered the surviving ships to destroy the Borg. Elsewhere, the Borg armadas were also routed. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)



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