Battlecruiser Vengeance (may'Duj BortaS) was a Klingon recorded serial melodrama created in the early to mid 23rd century. It was still in production by 2235.

It featured the adventures of Klingon Captain Koth of the Vengeance, in conflict with alien races such as Humans, Romulans, Kinshaya and others, and trying to capture their ships. Koth was always triumphant, and each episode ended with him being asked who he was by those he had captured, and answering "I am Captain Koth. Koth of the Vengeance. And this ship is my prize." ("HoD Qotlh jIH. Qotlh BortaS. je Dujvam tevwI maj")

The show's theme song was titled The Vengeance Flies at Morning.

It often also featured Orion women on the captured ships, though they were played by Klingon women in green make-up.

Emanuel Tagore, later Federation ambassador to the Klingon Empire became fond of the series after examining the collection of a captured Klingon spy. (TOS novel: The Final Reflection)

Although Battlecruiser Vengeance ceased production in the 23rd century, it remained known in Klingon culture into the 24th century. As a child, G'joth used to play at being Koth with his friend Krom. (KE novel: A Burning House) In 2376, G'joth obtained a collection of Battlecruiser Vengeance recordings from Tarmeth following his death. (GKN novel: Enemy Territory) G'joth later gave copies of those recordings to Krom's son, Gurlk. (KE novel: A Burning House)

A number of Battlecruiser Vengeance novels were also produced. Ferengi trader Sekki had the entire run of these stories on a PADD, among other Klingon works. Upon discovering this, Starfleet security officer Ensign Altoss wondered aloud why anyone would read novels based on a serial drama. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

Battlecruiser Vengeance was shown on Enterprise where Lt. Jerry Freeman revived old format tapes for transmission in the Recreation facility. (TOS novel: Rules of Engagement)

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