The Bayool Café was an establishment in the Orion retirement colony on the third moon of Yquitra.

It was situated beside a plaza in the colony, with a number of tables and chairs outside for al fresco dining. The outside was fairly nondescript with a tasteful sign in the window. Inside, it was quite homely, cheerful and clean, with a bell over the door and decorated with antiques, artwork and pottery. It served pastries and tea. Despite the décor and style, its patrons were a handful of elderly Orions who were bored of the whole thing.

The café also included a dance floor and a stage, where a band of animatronic robot Orions played music and took requests from patrons, automatically activated by movement on the dance-floor. They defaulted to the unpopular "The Bayool Stomp".

In 2293, Captain James Kirk, Doctor Leonard McCoy and two Security officers visited the Bayool Café to retrieve the Romulans Hasmek and Pardek, and soon found them after triggering the robots. But the elderly Orions mobbed the away team, demanding to be taken away from the world or die trying, triggering a barroom brawl. Kirk stunned them with his phaser and they made their getaway.

The Bayool Café advertised heavily, in local communications and with garish neon-pink flyers. (TOS novel: Mind Meld)

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