Bazel was a Saurian male serving in Starfleet in the 24th century.

In 2380, Captain Bazel, a seventy year Starfleet veteran, was in command of the USS Rhea.

In September 2380, the Rhea was on an exploratory mission to the open cluster NGC 6281 when it encountered an unidentified lifeform, later dubbed Noh Angels. During their initial encounter with the creatures on NGC 6281-34 III, the Rhea was attacked in orbit by the assimilated Einstein. Held in a state of extreme time dilation, in subspace stasis bubble by the cluster's sentient intelligence at the moment of the assault, the vessel was eventually recovered thanks to the efforts of the USS Enterprise-E and the Liberated Borg vessel Liberator. Over 100 of the Rhea's crew were killed by the attacking Borg drones, with approximately 80 suffering serious injuries. Around sixty had been partially assimilated, but were purged of their implants. The surviving crewmembers were transported back to Federation space by quantum slipstream. (TNG novel: Greater Than the Sum)

In 2384, Captain Bazel and the Rhea discovered a Collector obelisk from the far future on a planet in the Beta Quadrant that was confiscated by the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations. (DTI novel: The Collectors)

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