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Beckett Mariner was a 24th century Human woman, an officer of Starfleet in the 2370s and 2380s decades. (LDs episode: "Second Contact")


Mariner entered Starfleet Academy in 2367. She idolized Sito Jaxa for not letting her mistakes as a cadet define her and succeeding in spite of having to repeat a year, and was devastated to hear that Sito was presumed killed in action. Compounded with the horrors she experienced during the Dominion Wars, this fostered her self-destructive habit of rebelling against any promotion with insubordination, never wanting to be put in a position of authority where she'd have to decide on sending Starfleet members to their deaths. (LDs episode: "The Inner Fight")

By the year 2380, Mariner had served on five Federation starships or starbases, including Deep Space 9 and the USS Quito and USS Cerritos, under command of Mariner's mother, Captain Carol Freeman.

During a viral outbreak stardate 57436.2, Mariner worked with the senior staff to secure the Cerritos. Later, she befriended the newly arrived Ensign D'Vana Tendi, and declared herself mentor of the command-track Ensign Brad Boimler. (LDs episode: "Second Contact")

Later service[]

In 2411, Mariner and three other Cerritos crewmen were available as duty officers to Khitomer Alliance starships.. (STO - Season 20: House Divided mission: "Free Lower Decks Duty Officers!")

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Starfleet service record[]

location assignment dates rank or rate assignment insignia rank insignia
Deep Space 9 junior officer after 2372 Ensign Starfleet assignment badge. Uniform collar rank insignia image.
USS Atlantis 2370s
USS Quito late 2370s
USS Cerritos 2379-2380 Starfleet assignment badge. Uniform collar rank insignia image.
senior officer 2380 lieutenant Uniform collar rank insignia image.
junior officer 2380- ensign Uniform collar rank insignia image.



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