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Bela Okmyx, or Oxmyx, was an Iotian male who was the boss of the Northside Territory, one of the largest territories on Sigma Iotia II.

The spelling "Okmyx" appears in the script for TOS episode: "A Piece of the Action" and on-screen in posters. However, it is pronounced "Oxmyx" throughout and often spelled that in associated sources.
"Oxmyx" is given as the local name for Iotia in the ST reference: The Worlds of the Federation. It is unknown why this is so.

In the 2260s, Bela Okmyx was boss of northern Ekal, called the Northside Territory and Egaph. With this power, he made a play for world domination, but Jojo Krako of Landek and his allies in southern Ekal, the Southside Territory, fought Okmyx off. They were preparing for another confrontation in the late 2260s. (Decipher RPG module: Worlds).

In 2268, Oxmyx was visited by Captain James T. Kirk and his landing party from the USS Enterprise, who were visiting the planet to examine the effects of the Horizon's visit a century earlier. Oxmyx had his men captured the away team, but offered Kirk a cut of the "action", if he helped Okmyx take over the planet and defeat the rival gangs by handing over some "heaters" (i.e., phasers). When Kirk refused, the landing party was taken hostage and Okmyx threatened to kill them.

Thankfully, Kirk was able to escape from Okmyx and was able to take some "action" of his own to stop the turf war between the various bosses. Using the ship's phasers to incapacitate the rival gangs, Kirk forced the gangs to yield to the power of the "Feds" and work together to rebuild their world, as well as giving the "Feds" a cut of the profits. The gangs agreed to work together, with Okmyx serving as leader. (TOS episode & novelization: A Piece of the Action)

After the departure of the Enterprise, Starfleet sent the Iotians a variety of history books. Okmyx said he was so taken by the idea of a presidency that he held an election, becoming president with Krako as his vice president. He married and took up water skiing. Fellow Iotians were studying the transtator in the communicator left by Leonard McCoy and expected to figure it out within a few years. As a result, Okmyx hoped to visit Las Vegas one day. (TOS - Fotonovel novelization: A Piece of the Action)

In 2287, Oxmyx was one of the witnesses called by the prosecution during Captain Kirk's trial of Prime Directive violations. During his testimony, Okmyx announced that they had been saving Kirk's cut over the last twenty years, and had the money brought into the court room in multiple brief cases. (TOS comic: "... Let's Kill All the Lawyers!")

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