Bele was a native of the planet Cheron. He was black on the right side of his face and white on the left side, making him a member of his planet's majority ethnic group. He was a chief officer of the Commission on Political Traitors.

He left Cheron circa 48,000 BC to hunt down Lokai, who had white on right side of his face and was a convicted traitor and revolutionary for his oppressed people. He chased Lokai for 50,000 years, until the pair finally came about the USS Enterprise in 2268. Bele hijacked the ship to take it to Cheron, though relented when Captain James T. Kirk threatened to self-destruct it. When Bele and Lokai finally arrived at Cheron, they realized that they were the last survivors of a war that destroyed their race. Bele pursued Lokai down to Cheron to continue the conflict. (TOS episode: "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield")

In 2270, Bele lived on a landmass at one of Cheron's poles whereas Lokai lived on a landmass at the other. (TOS novel: No Time Like the Past)

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